Monday, October 31, 2011

One Hour Bread

**This is my second post, so be sure to scroll down to see my candy corn pocket pouch.

I haven't shared a recipe with you all in awhile, so thought it was about time. I read on a blog about One Hour Bread. That is the TOTAL time it takes to make from start to finish.

Well, I was wrong on both accounts. It really truly does only take ONE hour start to finish, makes TWO loaves of bread and DOES taste good! It also makes VERY good sandwich bread. My other bread recipe is yummy, but falls apart unless you slice the bread very thick. This is a denser bread.
Here is the blog whose recipe I followed. The first time I made it, I formed it on a cookie sheet like she did, but also did an egg wash on top and added sesame seeds. This time I just did the egg wash and left off the seeds. MMMMM can't you just smell it? Ü
Now that I can make bread in an hour, I will probably never buy any again. It is so quick and easy, tastes much yummier than boughten AND costs much less as well.

Bizarre weather: Today we are to have 70* weather, Tues nite and Wed 70% chance of snow!!!!


  1. Yummy!!! Looks great - will have to try this! Happy Halloween! Gail S.

  2. Looks delicious, Debbie!! Mmmmm!!

  3. glad you posted this here....lest it gets lost in my email box!! I need to try this since you didn't send me a loaf! ;)

  4. Looks delish!! Can't wait to try! I love bread...that is easy to make:) Thanks!!