Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After the Storm

WOW! What a night we had last night! I heard 19 tornadoes spotted in NE! We were so fortunate to not have gotten hit. Tornadoes were spotted close to here and the wind was ferocious. Here are some pictures I took after the storms.

Mashed grass and flooding
some of the debri, we keep loosing more and more of this tree, the boys started cleaning up the large pieces, so I didn't get a picture of all the branches lost off our big tree on the corner
this is what is looks like all over our yard, plus lots of leaves
Aren't these clouds cool?


  1. Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary!!! I've had nightmares about tornadoes and they're extremely rare in Oregon. Those clouds would look really cool in Oregon, but I think I'd duck and run for cover anywhere else!

  2. yikes! Glad you escaped the storms! Think they headed my way. Winds are picking up and I think we are in for a nasty afternoon!

  3. I'm glad to hear you're okay after the storms! There have been some nasty ones, haven't there? I love the photos of the cool-looking clouds!