Saturday, March 1, 2008

To Sew or Not to Sew

WOW! I have been trying to get on blogspot ALL DAY!!!!!!!! It is now 5:09 pm and I've been trying since 8 this morning! This is getting very frustrating. I sit here and refresh over and over, reboot the computer several times.... UGH!!!! But I am finally on, so I am going to post several things in case I can't get on again the next couple of days.

I have been busy though. I am working on some submission things (on my own, not requested by a company) that is due Monday. I have also made some St. Pat stuff, some of which I forgot to take a photo of before taking to the LSS. So if it's still there Monday AND I remember my camera, maybe I can get some pics up. I do really like a couple of the things I made.

Ok, so on to the title...I made these for a swap and this is the first card I made. I felt it needed something more, so stitched the next one and liked it better, so made 10 more of them. Ü Which do you like best? Stitched or not? (remember you can click on the photo to see a larger image)

The sentiment is from SU!'s Occasion's mini that you can order from now. The patterned paper is also from there and I love it! I will be getting more of it for sure. So rich and pretty.


  1. The top card without the stitching is really cute. But the stitching takes it from cute to amazing. LOVE it.

  2. I like the stitching.....very pretty!!