Sunday, March 30, 2008

Answering your questions...

I’ve had some people e-mail me and ask me questions about some of my posts and thought that I would go ahead and answer those questions here. Someone else may wonder the same thing. I do want you all to know I read every comment. I try to answer each question e-mailed to me as soon as I can too.

“How did you get the candy to match the paper so perfectly in your criss-cross box?”
I actually take the box with the cello bag in it to the store with me and then look around for items that will fit in it. I had originally planned to fill it with blue and orange jolly ranchers, but when I saw the taffy, it was the perfect color. I have been doing this for a long time. The gals at the grocery store are used to me and always ask what project I am working on now. If you are a demo, this is free advertisement for you! I am not a demo, but have gotten many sales doing this. Over a year ago, when I was first making altered jars, a gal followed me out of a store. It just happened that she owned a gift shop and asked if I would make some jars for her store. So you never know where your next customer might be.

“When are you going to post your items for sale on-line?”
Well, I’m not now and will explain that in a minute, but first, if you see anything I make that I post and would like to purchase it, just e-mail me. Most of what I post can be for sale. Now, as to why I’ve decided not to start an on-line store at this time…First of all, to do so, means to make several items that I like, but that may not sell and then I have LOTS of “gifts” to give. Ü I was ok with this, but then God opened another door of opportunity for me. I had a couple of gals from one town ask me if I would be willing to teach papercraft/stamp classes. They have stamps, accessories, etc and wanted me to give them more ideas of how to use them. I told them I would think about it and didn’t really know where to go with it. I decided I would just put out a sign up sheet at my crop and see if there was any REAL interest. Then last week out of the blue, another gal e-mailed and one called me from a different town and asked if I would do the same thing. So now I am thinking maybe there is some interest and I should really look into this. One of the gals from the second town asked if she could put a sign up sheet at a crop she was doing and I said ok. I didn’t hear from her at the first of the week, so just figured there was no interest. Then I talk to her Friday and find out TWELVE ladies signed up!!!! I was shocked! So we set a date for that town and after my crop this weekend will see if there is interest for the other town and go from there. At this time, I feel this will keep me busy and give me something that I can do to help bring in a little income (gas money if nothing else!)

“How do you make the tic tac purse you showed in your one sheet wonder?”

I did a little tutorial for it here.

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  1. Good for you Debbie.....can't wait to hear how your ventures all go!