Friday, March 28, 2008

6 x 6 scrapbooking

I am so behind on scrapbooking! Especially Aaron's, since I've been trying to keep up with Benjamin's school/sports stuff.

At the end of 1999, I decided it would be fun to make each of the boys a scrapbook of the millennium, so I wrote out the alphabet and kept track of pictures I took matching them to the appropriate letter. They STILL to this day go thru the albums I made them AND keep asking me when I am going to make them another. That size was 5 x 7, this time I decided to make them a 6 x 6 and make it more a monthly/random theme of the year. Here is one I made for Aaron's Feb page.
I copied a colored picture and made it sepia, then sanded the edges. I really like the look of a sanded picture. I will journal later in the heart with a white pen.

I am going to do a double page spread of each month. The pictures may or may not have been taken that month, just depending on what I come up with. They are going to be simple, yet hopefully fun for the boys when I give the ablums to them at Christmas.

Okay, gotta go get ready for the track meet! Run, Benjamin, Run!! Ü


  1. Debbiedee, this page is perfect! I love your sanded edges too--great job!

  2. What a great page, Debbie!
    Love the sepia tone a lot!

  3. Awesome page! I love the sanding...will have to try that on photos!! They will love these!!