Saturday, March 29, 2008

Congratulations Benjamin!!!

WE are soooo proud of you! This week has been an awesome week for you! First you were one of ?? sophmores chosen for the National Honor Society. You are going to go far son!!! I don't know of anyone on either side of the family that has received this honor!

Then yesterday you placed 6th in the mile at the track meet and beat your personal best time!!! Way to go!! (and you weren't that far behind "Al"--for those of you reading, "Al" is from Minden and runs like the wind and usually is a lap done ahead of everyone else! Thankfully, he is also a senior Ü) Benjamin, it was sooo cold and windy, just think of what you will be able to do in the heat! (note: Benjamin LOVES heat and running in it does not bother him, he seems to do better then too)

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  1. Congrats to Benjamin! What is his favorite snacky treat?! I want to send him something. I have some more stamp stuff for Aaron to send too. LMK!