Saturday, October 13, 2007

We are State Bound!!

WOOHOO!! The boys got second at Districts!! -not sure how as they had the highest points they've ever had-but so happy for them!
Benjamin didn't do so good, but somehow his points helped us get second. After he ran, I could tell he was upset and worried he might have hurt the team's chances, but the coach was wonderful and told him not to worry. (he even didn't know if we qualified-said it will be really close) He told Benjamin that he was young and we still had a young team-that it wasn't his fault he was hurt a few weeks a go and there is always "next year". (he is a WONDERFUL coach!!) It was so nerve wrecking as they told the points of the teams starting with the bottom and working up. When they said 4th place I dug my fingers into Bruce's shoulder thinking they were going to say "Broken Bow" (top 3 teams qualify for state). Was so shocked when they didn't and didn't even say us for 3rd! Everyone was screaming and cheering when we were mentioned for 2nd (knew we didn't get first as Minden has a guy named Al who runs like the wind and looks like he could run forever and never get tired!-fun guy to watch run).
Anyway, so excited and Benjamin has another week to get back into shape after not running for 2.5 weeks. Will be exciting to see how the boys do at state. The girls are rated #1 and got first at the meet. Will be an exciting day next Friday!!

Okay, now I gotta get off and get some items made for classes I will be teaching in November for the local LSS's "12 Weeks of Christmas" promotion. Also have some cards and challenges I need to get done too. Got a cloudy, misty, cool (cold to the guys) day to work inside. But first I will post another page from Benjamin's scrapbook in the next post.

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  1. How exciting. Good luck to your team! So what projects are you working on for your classes?