Saturday, October 20, 2007

"The Agony of deFEET"

This will be the title page to the pics we have of Benjamin yesterday. Ü We knew right away something was wrong, when they started off running Benjamin was last. Bruce said don't worry, he will start passing guys, but didn't. Benjamin had stepped in a hole right at the start and felt pain shoot from his foot (where he has Morton's Neuroma) to his ankle and up his leg a little bit. He ran the full 5K anyway (can't believe he did it!) The coach was worried he broke it, but it doesn't seem to be that he did. He told us to watch for swelling, color change or more pain. Benjamin is still hurting today, but said the pain isn't worse. We don't see any swelling (although dad broke his ankle once and there was no swelling), so we will just watch it this weekend and see how he does today thru Monday. He is still limping and I think feels bad that the team wasn't able to get good points from him.

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