Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May Arts Final Project

This is my final project for the May Arts Design Team application.

I used several May Arts ribbon to create this Patriotic Wreath and I will share with you how I created it. I had seen on Pinterest how you can buy a pool noodle to make a wreath instead of spending lots of money on styrofoam wreaths and knew I wanted to give it a try.

I started by duck taping the ends together and then using 1.5" Denim Ribbon to wrap all around the foam wreath. I added Xtreme adhesive to the ribbon about every 5 wraps just to hold it into place.

Here is how I created 3 different ribbon flower to add to the wreath. For the bottom flower, I cut a  flower off of  the 2.5" White Sheer/Frayed/Flower Ribbon, then cut in half, then glued the 1/2 piece in half and glued to a cut cardstock circle. 

 I glued 8 to the circle piece and then hand gathered some 5/8" Denim Ribbon in glue on top of that and added 4 more white flower 1/4 pieces to the top of that. It seemed like it needed something more, so I wrapped some Mini Pom Pom Trim in red around my fingers a few times and pressed it into some glue in the center of the flower.

To make the center flower I ran a running stitch along one edge of 2" Solid Ribbon w/ Diagonal Stripes and gatthered until it made a nice circle and glued onto a cardstock circle.

Then I cut some  white flowers like the first one I showed you and added a layer on top of the stripes. To finish it off, I made a rolled flower out of  1.5" Red Crinkle Ribbon.

To create the center, tie a knot in one end of the ribbon (here I am using the stripe ribbon, but decided it was too much stripe, so made a solid red one and forgot to take pics as I went along making it.).

Trim the excess close to the knot and press into adhesive on cut cardstock circle. Then twist and roll ribbon around the knot and press into glue as you go until you have covered the cardstock circle. To finish off, I just glued the tail to the back of the circle.

The last flower was made the same way as the center of the flower above. By using a bulkier fabric...I used 2" Burlap/Cotton Blend Ribbon...it gives a completely different look.

I glued these to the wreath and added a flag I've had around for a long time.

For the banner, I cut 3 pieces from some Natural 4" Burlap Wired Ribbon and cut "v's" out of one end and folded the other end over enough for some Ivory Paper Cord Ribbon to fit and glued down over the cord. I then painted each banner red and cut some letters from Cutting Cafe's  USA Word Shaped Card Template and Cutting File Set out of fabric that had been fused to Wonder Under and then fused the letters to the center of the banner.

To finish it off, I tied the Paper Cord Ribbon to the wreath and added some tied bows between the letters using 5/8" Denim, Grosgrain Dots, and Woven Chevron Stripes Ribbons.

Because the pool noodle is light, I was able to just add a pop can tab to the back to hang it up.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and project. Thank you May Arts for the ribbon and a chance to be on your DT.


  1. I love your wreath and the tutorial is great I especially like how you made the flowers all different. What a festive way to celebrate the holiday
    Thank you for joining my DL.ART Thankful Thursday Anything Goes July Linky Party. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.
    http://dianamlarson.blogspot.com http://dianamlarson.ctmh.com

  2. this is fantastic....As a mother of a former soldier this project touches my heart. xoxoxo good luck with May Arts Ribbon DT. xoxoxo

  3. GREAT home decor piece! I loved the tip about the noodle, and your flowers are wonderful! Best of luck on the design team application!

  4. Very cute and thanks for sharing how you made it.