Friday, January 22, 2010

Speedy Recovery

This is my wish for myself and anyone else out there that isn't feeling so hot.
These two cards along with several others are now on their way to CHA in California! If you're going to CHA be sure to stop by the Inky booth and tell Jackie "hi" for me. Ü

Medical update:
I tried to get Bruce to let me see if I could do a 1/2 day of school and he said "no way", so I'm home again today (which is really the dr's orders, but I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt to try part of a day). Monday is a teacher's in-service again, so I should be ready to go by Tuesday. I just hope I'm not too weak and can do a whole day. The school nurse will monitor me, so all will be good.

I see the lung specialist Thursday and am hoping to get this figured out so I don't have to keep going thru this stuff and getting worse every time.

My IV's are over!!!! YAY!!! I am hoping to try some stamping during my sitting up periods today. I just have to stay off my feet as much as possible, so hope I have the energy to sit and stamp.

Pantry challenge update: still eating from the pantry/freezer/etc. Some of the things I remember eating have been: beef and noodles, salmon and canned veggies, potatoes, leftovers, and lots of yogurt (which I bought on sale and will post that total later). Oh and Benjamin made a cherry pie from cherries we picked this summer. I'm not a cherry fan, but Bruce and Benjamin have enjoyed the pie and I see it's gone.

I haven't felt like eating much, so it hasn't taken much from out pantry. The boys have stayed with g'ma some, so we are really getting off easy this month for this pantry challenge. I am thinking of doing it again in June. I may try again before then, but things are going to get really busy with graduation just around the corner, so not sure another month before then will work. I will keep you all updated.

Wednesday nite Mom brought over some frozen corn (dad plants the corn and we get together in the summer to work it), pumpkin bread (my favorite!), oreos and pizza sticks (not sure what they are, but she put them in our freezer), so may have that tonite. Aaron is my pizza lover so I know he will enjoy that.

Bruce is a good cook and I am blessed big time in that way! He is taking very good care of me.

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  1. Totally adorable cards Debbie! I love the fun colors and cute image!
    I hope you feel better soon! Listen to your husband and stay off your feet and rest.