Friday, October 31, 2014

Frugal Friday 10-31-14

*earned $40 through Swagbucks: redeemed into Amazon bucks. Ordered some Christmas gifts and items to use for a refresh and revitalize banquet at our church
*made my own hamburger buns. My 8 yr old nephew says they are the best buns ever. 
*made banana bread with over ripe bananas in the freezer
*made homemade corn chips with corn tortillas 
*made Mickey Mouse costume for my nephew for under $5
*50% off fall napkins for a banquet I am decorating for
*also for banquet, I have been able to create the decorations for under $20 (for 150 people/19 round tables) using stuff I already have: 
items left over from B & K's wedding
craft supplies I already own
nature....grasses, tree limbs, etc.
**will have pics of it on my blog next week.

Grocery Deals:
*used coupons for free Chicken of the Sea Salmon at Walmart. Scored 3 of them
*Lays potato chips 1.79/bag regularly 2.50
*Lipton Tea Bags (100) 1.99 w/ coupon
*General Mills Cereal sale price 1.99 minus 75¢ off coupons I had (I rarely buy name brand cereal as it is too expensive)
*spaghetti squash normally 3.88/lb and I had a price match of 49¢/lb! very excited!
*50¢ off milk on Milk Monday. I scheduled my dr. appt on a Monday purposely to be able to get this deal

Greatest score of the week:
I didn't buy this mom did...June was our 25th wedding anniversary. Silver represents 25th anniversary and since I am always borrowing her silverware when we have company (I don't have a lot), she said she would buy me some silverware.

Well, yesterday was the first day that worked for us to get together and me to pick out some. She had been in Penney's before and saw they had some for $100 (set of 8) and said she would buy me a box, just to pick out what I wanted.

So we get there and they are having a 50% off sale! So she told me to pick 2 boxes, which would be perfect...set for 16 plus what I have and I wouldn't have to borrow from her when everyone is here for the holidays.

So there are signs on the different boxes and we pick boxes from the $100 sets (so we thought) and get to the counter and see there is a tiny price tag that says $180. I am bummed, but I tell the lady that the sign sitting on the box said $100. So we go back and look and the sign has a list of all the names of the silverware and the ones that mom and I picked out (mom decided to get 2 boxes for herself as well) weren't there. BUT the name wasn't on the sign for the $180 set sign as well. 

The sales lady is trying to figure out what to do and I'm looking around. Back behind some dishes is a sign...WITH the names of the sets that mom and I had picked out AND saying the sale price is 44.99 for mine and 39.99 for mom's! SCORE!!!! So there was a saving of over $550. All four boxes would have come to $720 and we got them for 169.96. I am pretty excited as we are having Thanksgiving here and we can use the new silverware!

So glad we were paying attention. I wonder how many had to pay $90 box (what they rang up as) when they are really over 1/2 of that!

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  1. You are a busy little lady! We need pics of the silverware! I love stuff like that!!!