Friday, October 17, 2014

Frugal Friday 10-17-14

Frugal Garden:
*picked the rest of the tomatoes from the garden. They are STILL green, but hoping that they will turn red eventually
*harvested the rest of the peppers...must have been a great year for them as we had a bumper  crop of peppers...not much anything else, but definitely peppers
*the beans were in a sad state, but we just let them dry out and harvested the bean "seeds" from inside. I will use them like dried beans and add to soups
*picked ONE little zucchini. The ONLY zucchini from 2 plants that we got all year. I think this is a record for zucchini as I didn't know one could get so FEW. LOL
*ended up with 3 pumpkins. kinda sad, but it's more than none
*FIL brought over potatoes from their garden. Bruce helped him dig them up. We will share with the kids
*SIL shared some of their sweet potatoes with us for helping them dig them up. Oh my!!! We definitely will be planting some of these next year. What a treat!
*great deal on shredded cheese for $1.50/bag

Frugal Grocery Deals:
*bought a quart of buttermilk for 99¢ with in-store mark down. I like to use this for biscuits, pancakes, scones, muffins, etc. Now that the weather is cooler, I'm baking more
*97¢ for 5 lb flour and 4 lb sugar...stocked up for fall and winter baking
*cream of chicken soup 49¢ each-the only thing I use this for is hashbrown potato casserole
*Hershey's chocolate chips $1.48 each! Bought four of these for holiday baking or just because. Ü
*Mission brand flour tortillas $1/pkg. I know I can make them homemade, but at this price, it is a huge time saver and so worth it.

Frugal Baking:
*made pumpkin bread in little loaf pans and froze one for son to take back to college after fall break (or he may just eat it this weekend and I'll make more. Ü)
*made cinnamon rolls to thank my brother for helping out on Wed night youth group (DH and I have 12 3rd grade boys on a regular basis...14 if they all show up), made a double batch and shared with son and DIL

Misc Frugality:
*helping host a wedding shower tomorrow using a lot of things I already had. Her colors were plum and ivory, so was able to use some of the flowers from B & K's wedding and her mom shared some decorations left over from the wedding for us to use. Purchased candles from the Dollar Store, some fabric from Walmart and then pretty much used things I had around the house. I will have pictures posted Monday.

*decided to try my hand at homemade laundry soap. I didn't think I could as several articles I read said it doesn't work with hard water, but SIL found some info for THIS recipe that is suppose to work with hard water. So far, I can't tell any problems

*redeemed $35 in swagbucks, used part of it (plus what I already had saved) to buy birthday and Christmas gifts (I have actually earned more than this in the last 2 weeks, but haven't redeemed those points yet)

*earned $10 via Memolink. I am working on another $10 then will be done with them. I have been SLOWLY earning points through them for over 2 years! Swagbucks is MUCH faster. I was trying for $25, but they dropped it so you could cash in for $10, so did that and had several points left over, so will keep going to get the other $10 then done.

*rec'd a LARGE roll of paper towels with a message saying I had signed up to receive this, use for a couple of weeks and write a review for them. I don't remember doing this at all as I write down everything I sign up for, but that is okay. It is by Bounty and I only buy cheap brand paper towels, so was a nice surprise to receive.

*posted this on FB, but will post here. Used a coupon for a $1.79 runza at Runza (normally 4.39 which I wouldn't have paid for to begin with), but it comes with a funny story:

me: "I have a coupon for $1.79 regular runza, can I use this for a swiss mushroom runza"
guy working: "um, just a minute...comes back, yes, but you will have to get extra ingredients on that okay?"
me: (so GLAD I was in the drive thru as I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face) "yes, that will be fine"

they just charged me 50¢ extra. since that ended up being my dinner and supper, it was a fairly good deal

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