Friday, October 3, 2014

Frugal Friday 10-3-14

*used some Menards rewards to purchase DH bd gift
*just "happened" to be at Cabela's at the right time to purchase hard to find ammo for DH for bd
*Walgreen's had yellow legal pad notebooks in clearance for 19¢ each. I picked up 3 of them. Probably should have picked up more, but just wanted a few for my Sunshine Baskets.
*Jo Ann Fabrics had Ctirus Mint Handsoap (yellow) and Pina Colada candles for $1 each. Bought one of each for Sunshine Basket
*Our state hosts a Junk Jaunt. I didn't go the whole 4 days, but did stop in a couple of places and used a gift certificate at one to pick up some yellow goodies that ended up all being free and picked up some VHS movies all free
*bought 2 boxes of deli fried chicken priced at $7.20 and $7.50 for 99¢ each. Tore the meat off and froze for chicken and biscuits, chicken enchiladas, and/or lasagna or whatever else I decide
*borrowed punch and die from a friend to finish up some fall projects
*cream cheese on sale for 98¢ each
*used store coupon for $1 off gallon of milk making it $2.80
*fresh bananas for 39¢/lb
*earned $30 in swagbucks

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