Thursday, April 3, 2008

Misc. Thoughts...

While I am waiting for my messages to upload, so I can read them, while also putting labels on door prizes, my thoughts are blog wondering, so thought I'd post a message. Ü

I am needing some blog help (surprise there! LOL!!) in changing my blog. I would like a fresh spring look and the very FEW templates that blogger offers, don't do much for me. I did a search for "free blog templates", but am not smart enough to figure out how to use them with blogger. Is there anyone out there who could give me a hand? I am NOT a pastel person and yet I LOVE Beate's blue in her blog (can't believe I am saying that, cuz I am not a BLUE person either!!) and I think it would help my pictures that I upload look better. As much as I LOVE "Chocolate" in color and food (*wink*), I am thinking a soft blue or aqua would look better. Kinda like SU!'s Soft Sky or a softer caribbean blue. So shoot me an e-mail or post here, if you have any tips. Thanks in advance!

Now my musings for what is soon to come! I normally get to set up for the crop at 5 pm. However, there is a pancake feed in the auditorium I am using and can't get in until 8 pm. I am imagining little children who have put syrup EVERYWHERE! I will have to make sure the tables are VERY clean before we can even begin setting up. Plus there will be chairs everywhere and I only need two chairs per table, so that means putting them away which I have had to do before and it's a BIG hassle! The chair carts fit in under the stage and cannot be set UP like you would normally do with chairs, but have to be layed down! Imagine with me if you will, that if this is not done properly, chairs go flying everywhere (ask me how I *know* this Ü).

Now I am using the term *me* rather loosely, as I can NOT set up the tables, chairs, or anything. I will just be there to *guide* my helpers. I can walk around, so I will be taping a plastic bag to each end of the tables where the gals will be sitting to use for their trash. I will also be putting goody bags at each spot, so feel good that I can do SOMETHING.

It's raining - rather lightly, but raining none the less. Now, this may not seem so important, but...
1. we are in such a drought, that rain is something we marvel at now. DS says we have to have 10" of rain to equal 1" of water. At the rate it's coming down now, it would have to do this a year probably.
2. The part I'm concerned about, is that I need to pack the is wet outside...a crop involves PAPER, need I say more?

If you have read this far, it is a miracle! LOL!! You probably think my e-mail was up and read a long time ago...NOT!! Have I mentioned how much I do NOT like dial-up? However, for us right now, high speed is not an option. I have had some of you e-mail me when I mention that I dislike dial up that there is an option called high speed. Bless your hearts! Ü I do know that (although there is lots I DON'T know), but to have high speed, means that as soon as you turn on the computer you have internet access. We have two TEENAGE boys and it is very important to us, that this not be available to them. We like to think we have raised them right and they wouldn't go where they shouldn't, but the temptation is SO big esp for boys and we don't want to make it easy for them to see something they shouldn't. I also know that you can get password stuff, but that cost quite abit more and finances are really tight right now. So I deal with dial up. I figure it's God's way of teaching my patience. I am thinking I am probably His worse student in that "class".

I had someone ask me what I do at my crop, so here goes...
I hold it at the Municipal Bldg. and set it up so two tables are butted together the long way. This way a group of four sit at each "setting" and get a 4' space.

The gals bring all their stuff they want to work on and I have vendors they can buy stuff from too. I have home party demos from CTMH, SU!, Creative Memories and I Remember When and two scrapbook store vendors. One store is local and one from a distance so we can see different product.

There are door prizes given through out both days and a grand prize on Saturday. The grand prize used to be Cropper Hoppers, but now I am giving a gift certificate to be used at any or all the vendors.

There are usually several classes taught by me and one or two by some of the vendors, but this year, I'm just not up to it with so much going on. I am not even teaching the ONE class I had planned on! Just a FYI...a 5.5" scallop circle cut on the Expressions Cricut (at the LSS) is NOT the same size as cut on the original cricut!!!!!! Therefore, there won't be a class as I didn't have time to go back to the LSS to cut circles.

Someone also mentioned they couldn't wait to see my pages that I do at the crop. Sorry, but don't hold your breath. I don't crop there. GASP!!! Why? Cuz I am running around alot and when I crop, I need to be able to sit down and concentrate on what I am doing. I have gals coming at all different times on Friday and so checking them in, helping those that need help, giving out door prizes, etc, keeps me from cropping. BUT I do stamp! I don't have to *think* too hard to do this, so I have a ziplock FILLED full with stamped images. I take this, my paper stash, adhesive, and colored pencils and gamsol. I can color and make cards and be interrupted. I am hoping to get LOTS of cards for blog fodder done and then I can upload a card a day next week and CLEAN my stamp room. I would be soooo embarrassed for someone to see it! It looks like a tornado hit it...I am NOT kidding!

I also was asked how Benjamin did at the track meet Monday. They postponed it!!!!! It was the most beautiful day! But I heard that they have water pipe issues, so something must have happened. Now we have a HUGE dilemma. They rescheduled it for Monday at 4 pm. It's about 2-ish hours away and Monday nite is the Nat'l Honor Society induction. The coach wants Benjamin at the meet, Nat'l Honor gal wants him at the induction. I am thinking academics are more important, B wants to go to the meet. What would you do?

If you are still reading, you deserve a prize?! First 5 people to post will get a card from me. Be sure not to be signed in as anonymous cuz I won't know who you are. Think I will have a bunch of gals unsubscribe? You all probably think I'm nuts anyway.

Okay, labels done, messages almost done, so need to go and get everything packed and double ck'd to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Also need to make the guys some cookies since I won't be here most of the weekend.


  1. uhm, *hello!*....I'll take a card!! ;) dontcha just love stalking sisters?!

  2. I love reading what you are doing--and to see your wonderful cards! I have one TEENAGE son and a pre-teen daughter...does that tell you anything? Enjoy your crop--I wish I was there!

  3. Hi Debbie! I will see you at the crop probably Saturday as it will be late Friday when we get to BB. Can't wait to see everyone and get some cropping done. It's time for a break.

  4. I can't believe I made the first five. Having 2 boys, one 21 and one18, who were very involved in sports, I know you are torn. The one time let my son pick sports over the science fair, he ended up taking first place at the fair. I was so embarrassed because I am a teacher and thought people would question my decision. Just do what you think is right and don't worry about anyone else. Lucy Gail

  5. It is so good hearing what's going on in your life. It is so similar in many ways to most of us. I hope your weekend goes really well. I don't know what advice to give you on the dilemma, not even sure what I would do. I look forward to hearing how it goes.


  6. Hi Debbie~
    I've wanted to check in since I saw you Monday. How is your MIL? The only advice I could give for Benjamin is...there are more track meets on the horizon, but only one Honor Society Induction opportunity. Honor Society IS a big deal and quite an honor to be in. Bless you in all you do! Barb

  7. Wow Tough decision.This would my reasoning . I'd go to the induction.
    The track meet would have been awesome to go but the day was set for the track meet and the day was set for the induction. stick to your plans. Unless ....... what does your son want to do?

  8. Jennifer BradleyApril 4, 2008 at 9:29 AM

    I am late for the prize - but just wanted to let you know that I read the whole thing! LOL! Have fun with your big event - I don't knwo how you do it - but it sounds AWESOME!

  9. Debbie,

    So, I didn't make the top 5, but I still send you good vibes for getting everything done. I am thinking academics over sports, but I do understand how Benjamin feels too! Tough call Mom!


  10. I know that I am "late", but that is not why I am leaving a comment. I appreciate what you have to say about raising your boys. It is nice to know that there are others thinking about the big picture. Thanks for sharing.