Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SWC Trackmeet news

We went to Gothenburg Saturday for SWC (Southwest Conference). It rained the whole time the trackmeet was going. When the last kid ran across the finish line in the LAST event, the sun came thru the clouds and it stopped raining!!
It was so cold and the rain and being wet made it even colder. I was wrapped in two blankets, two coats, gloves etc and was wet and cold. I can't even imagine how the kids felt in tank tops and shorts! One of our girls even beat her PBR in one of the races. Several commented it was hard to see running in the rain.
But even with miserable conditions, the 4 x 8 relay team (4 kids run the 800) got 3rd!! This is Benjamin's first 3rd medal! Last year they got 5th. This is pretty good, since the team is made up of 3 sophmores and one freshman. It will be fun to see what they do in the next two years.
He didn't do so well in the 1600 (mile). His time was 5:16. He said not only was it hard to see in the rain, but then the kids ahead of him kick up water/rain too.
We have a trackmeet in Cozad Friday and then District's in Lexington next Thursday. Hopefully, we will have nice days for both.
I will keep you posted on how Benjamin does.

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