Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year's Resolutions...

**edited to add more resolutions** (on the last day of December I am going to preview these and let you all know how I did)

Do you make them? Do you keep them? I am a big "list" person and usually make some. I have learned over the years that some things just aren't going to happen, so try to be very reasonable with my "lists". Here are a few I have for 2008 (so far). This list is more for me than anything and a way to check in and see how I am doing. Ü

1. Don't over do it. (This relates to my back)
2. Learn to ask for AND accept help. (this is the hardest for me)
3. Do my exercises at least 6 times a week.
4. Send a birthday card to everyone in my family ON TIME. Ü
5. Organize my stamp room (this is on going)
6. NO MORE HOARDING!! Use what I have AND what I buy!
7. Alter at least two items (out of my HUGE box of things to alter) every month. That would be a minimum of 24 items by December. (yes, I have that many things that need altered!!)
8. Submit something for publication once a month (doesn't mean it will be published, but "you can't win if you don't enter")
9. RAK (random acts of kindness) someone at least once a month
10. Eat chocolate Ü (have to have at least one thing that you KNOW you will do LOL!!
11. Make items for sale for at least 3 shows.
12. Teach at least 12 classes at LSS if possible.
13. Do more SCS challenges.
14. Attend at least ONE of my friend Barb's workshops. Ü
15. Whittle down my scrap box-challenge myself to make cards only using my scraps.
16. Make 10 Christmas cards a month. This way I will have some ready for sale and ready to send out after Thanksgiving.
17. Make items for sale for LSS every month.
18. Get caught up on Benjamin's scrapbook.
19. Post more often on blog.
20. Make Christmas list in January and make/buy gifts throughout the year and be done by November.
21. Finish up things that I started and then didn't finish for whatever reason.
22. Bless someone with items I just don't use any more and don't think I will ever use.
23. Stamp with my "neglected" stamps (you know those that you just "had" to have and then don't use much Ü)
24. Bless someone at least 6 times this year with cinnamon rolls (if I am able to)
25. "PIF (pay it forward) 2008"-I have been blessed to win some blog candy, so I decided for this year, if I win blog candy, I am going to PIF and offer blog candy to you. Ü

I know I will want to add more later, but here is a start.


  1. I LOVE your blog!!I am very sorry to hear that your back is so bad. I too have back problems, herniated disc on the low right side and now they tell me I have sackerilliack problems, I start PT next week and I really dont want to have to feel like this for the rest of my life!!My prayers are with you!!

  2. That is one long list! I wish you all the luck in tackling that, and lots of well wishes for a healthy back!