Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron! & winner

Happy 13th birthday Aaron! Yikes, two teenage boys now in the house. I am feeling old. LOL!!

The birthday boy drew a number and it was number two, so the winner of the anniversary blog candy is:

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...
Well... it sounds like you are indeed in a great deal of pain. I just want to lift you up in prayer right now because God is a God of Miracles, and a God of great comfort. Even though we do not know each other I know He hears my prayers and knows my heart as I cry out to Him for you. So I pray for you for peace, comfort and complete restoration and healing. He can do all things! God bless you with much love - to you and your family, Merry Christmas.

Kelly, please e-mail me with your snail mail address AND 2-3 favorite colors. Ü Thanks!


  1. Happy Birthday Aaron! Its like it's my birthday too! Thanks for choosing me for your anniversary blog candy! I will continue to pray for you.
    My address is:
    Kelly Watts
    11161 Hidden Valley Drive NW
    Calgary, AB T3A 5Z6 (Canada)
    2-3 favorite colors hmmm...
    I love Sage, Pink, and Yellow
    Thanks so much, I hope you feel better.