Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Pantry Challenge Update

Update: Just received an email from Wal-Mart's Savings Catcher that one of the items I bought was 52¢ cheaper somewhere else, so I got that back. But if I put it on my Bluebird Card, they will double the amount, so I really got $1.04 back, lowering my total spent to $70.06.

 I thought I would pop in and share the rest of my January deals with you. I did buy some groceries that were just too good a deal that it didn't seem frugal to not purchase them:

canned vegetables for 25¢ (I bought peas, one thing we didn't garden)
2 liter Coke 88¢ (probably didn't "need", but DH likes homemade Vanilla Coke, so got it for a special treat)
red pepper 86¢ plus 25¢ refund through Snap making it only 61¢
loaf bread 88¢
pasta 77¢

Dollar general had a one day special $2 coupon and you had to spend at least $2.01 so used it on chili pdr (we were out) $1 plus a pkg of salami that was $1.50, so only paid 50¢ for the 2 items

gallon milk 2.69 (2)
flour tortillas, I usually make mine, but with store special plus coupon off they were only 18¢
French Toast Crunch...did NOT need cereal, but ever since I learned that General Mills was bringing this back and it's my son's favorite cereal, I had 2 coupons and was finally able to get some! So $3.50 for 2 boxes. Can't wait to surprise him with these in his Valentine care pkg.

cabbage $1.40 (it was a very large head and I was able to get a large salad plus runzas made with it)
ketchup 88¢
chunk cheese 1.50
shredded cheese 7.35 for a large bag
2 jars Alfredo Prego Sauce for 2.25 (for both of them) I use this for chicken lasagne, chicken pasta of any kind, chicken/bacon/ranch pizza, etc
eggs 1.28/doz

4 boxes of 12 ct Pop Tarts for $4!! Was suppose to be $5 (in store special plus coupon I had off of 3), but gal rang it up wrong and would not believe me when I told her I owed her $5, not $4. There was a long line behind me, so I let it go and then went back in to talk to manager and he wouldn't let me pay the dollar I owed, so a GREAT deal on Pop Tarts!

so total spent for second 1/2 of Jan:$43.19plus first 1/2$27.91
total $71.10

We still have soooo much food in the freezer/pantry/canning cupboard, so I'm going to try this again in Feb, but only allowing myself to buy milk & eggs and then whatever spices/sugar/flour, etc I might need. I think milk and eggs will be all I need to buy, but we'll see. HOWEVER...if there are any great deals like tortillas for would be dumb of me not to get some. I only had the one coupon, so only bought the one pkg....guess I'll just see how it goes and keep you all posted. Ü

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  1. I think you should send me your runza recipe! Last time we had them we were in Nebraska visiting hubby's grandparents!