Friday, August 22, 2014

Frugal Friday 8-22-14

*cut DH and DS hair

*eating cucumbers, zucchini, beans, a handful of peas I found on the smashed vines!, onions, and peppers from the garden

*been very frugal about only buying milk, cheese, eggs, spices for the month of September. I did buy bread because it was just too hot to bake and a bag of chips Sunday when we found out at church that there would be a potluck meal after the baptism. We weren't going to be going home, so needed to take something. Ended up with 1/2 bag left, so DH was able to have some chips with his sandwiches.

The challenge also states that you can buy food for special occasions, so bought cream cheese and 3 snicker bars to make Snicker Cheesecake for Benjamin's bd. We celebrated Sunday (early) as Aaron goes back to college today.

*helped Aaron buy a car at a great savings. DH has been on the internet for HOURS, looking for the best buy. Found one in Lincoln. While there we ate at Famous Dave's. While this was not a frugal meal (in a way it was, cuz we didn't go there until 3 pm, and there was so much food we didn't need supper), it was our first time there and they had us sample all 6 of their BBQ sauces and tell them which was our favorite. As we finished our meal, they brought us each a full size bottle of BBQ sauce! So if you go there, and it's your first time, be sure to let them know.

*gave a handmade gift (crocheted baby hat) to a friend who just had a baby girl

*was able to buy Benjamin's bd gifts from Amazon with my Swagbucks points

*earned another $30 in Swagbucks that I redeemed for Amazon

*was given some left over mashed potatoes and beef 'n noodles. All I had to do was add a salad and supper was ready. Ü

*was given left over hamburger from monthly Ladies Night Out (from a local business and the are very good!). Froze them and have had 5 meals from them.

That's it for the past 2 weeks. What have been your frugal savings?

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