Monday, June 24, 2013


Friday nite we had strong winds. I'm thinking due to some of the damage it was more like tornadic winds.
Busted out window...Aaron's room
This is the other window busted out of Aaron's room. Glass everywhere inside and found glass clear over by the barn.
Trees down and large limbs on the garden

All of these pictures are just from our yard. We do have a large yard and the damage was great from all the trees.
This is the fence by the barn front, I didn't get a picture from the is down.

Piece of tree broke off from just a few feet away and went thru the garage roof.

this is only a small part of the damage to the siding. We keep seeing more with bigger holes than this.
I snuck this picture in as I had taken this Thursday nite around 7 pm...

After the storm hit around 10:30 pm, this is what it looks like now...

We also had 5 whole trees uprooted on the east side of the barn in our little pasture as well as lots of trees busted up, fences down and damage we may not have even seen yet.

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  1. Debbie, so sorry to see the damage. We've been very lucky here in Iowa ,or where I am with no damage. Tornados came through this afternoon but we escaped damage. Looks like major cleanup and lose of good trees. Are you headed to CHA in a couple of weeks. I'm not going this time because of the move the Vegas. Blessing always.