Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinned It Made It Monday

Happy Monday! It is time for another week of Pinned It Made It and I have a recipe, a quilted table runner and a picture of lots of dishcloths. Ü
This week we tried Chicken with Sundried Tomato Basil Sauce
Pinned Image

It was okay, but seemed to lack in flavor. I figured with the sundried tomatoes and basil that it would have plenty of flavor, but was really blah.
Over our 2 snow days, I created this table runner. There wasn't a pattern, so I just measured and cut. I didn't have enough of one fabric pattern for the binding, so just combined several together. I really like how it turned out. I hand-quilted it and it was fun to get back to doing that. Now I need to make another small project.
lickity split table runner.
source: psiquilt
I also have been a busy bee crocheting dishcloths (even made some green ones for St. Patrick's Day Ü). I need to go on to something else now as I have plenty of these for gifts. Here is my stash, plus the 3 I gave for Valentine's Day. I just had to show the knitted yellow one; very un-square and won't be making any more of those. LOL!! Here are the links for the dish cloths.
See the purple, red, green and multi one? that is scraps of yarn left from over.
dish cloths anyone?
I am linking this up to Country Girl at Home for her Pinned It Made It Monday challenge.


  1. Growing up those are dishes we used. Oh, how I wish mom still had those!

    That is a great stash of dish clothes. I really need to slow down and take the time to learn how to do that. It has only been on my to learn list for a couple of years now! :)

    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Do you just use regular yarn for these, Debbie? I had been wondering whether they are really absorbant? Now you'll have to share your pattern with me for those! :)

    Love those and the runner! Great job!

    Thanks for participating in Pinned it Made it Monday!


  3. Love your table runner and your dishcloths! I use the cotton yarn-- Sugar and Cream when I make my dishcloths.