Monday, January 3, 2011

My Twenty Eleven Word: CREATE

Long before I even had a computer and saw that others had a "word of the year", I had been doing this. Every New Year's Eve I would think back over the past year and think ahead and ask God to give me a word, verse, song etc for me to claim for the upcoming year. Many times it has been a song as we love music (can't sing worth anything, but love to listen Ü).

This year is no different and the first word that came to mind was "CREATE". At first it seemed like a dumb word to me and I kept trying to think of another one that reflected my "goals" for 2011. But no matter what word I thought of, it just didn't fit and "CREATE" kept coming back to me.

I don't mean that "CREATE" is a dumb word, but being a creative person, it just didn't seem like a word that I would claim as "mine" for the new year.

However, as I thought about all I wanted to do this year, "CREATE" couldn't be more perfect.

Here is what God inspired me to do with the word "CREATE" that I believe He layed on my heart to claim as my own for 2011...

1. Psalm 57: 10 (NASB) says "CREATE in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me".
     (There are some things I haven't shared that our family has gone through the past 2 years that have brought so much pain, heartache and tears. I'm not going to go into all the details, but it has to do with the church we attend and some things that have happened there that affected us personally. The results of selfish actions has caused lots of bitterness in people, torn apart families and our church. You are probably thinking then get out, but for a reason I can't even understand we have chosen to stay. Maybe we are dumb to think that things will get better, that people will apologize for the wrong they've done, but for now we are staying and I definitely need a "steadfast" spirit as we continue to deal with the aftermath of what has happened. Another reason we stay is for the kids. Ours (they have best friends in church) and the youth that we work with. We love those kids and want to stay for them. It's not their fault for all the junk going on. I'm not saying God won't ask us to leave at some point, but for now, we believe we are to stay.)

So it is my prayer that God will indeed CREATE in me a clean heart, to be able to forgive and that He will renew in me a steadfast (unchanging, loyal, steady, unmovable) spirit.

2. I want to CREATE a home that is warm, welcome and inviting, first to my family and then for others and not the other way around.

3. I want to CREATE healthy, appetizing meals.

4. I want to CREATE memories with my husband and boys that can be captured in scrapbooking or just in memories that they can think back on that will bring smiles to them in the years ahead.

5. I want to continue to CREATE gifts for loved ones. 

6. I want to CREATE more cards for family, friends, soldiers, and others.

7. I want to CREATE a stamping space that is more efficient on a very tight budget.  (will take ideas here Ü)

8. I want to CREATE more time to spend with family and friends. (and not always be so busy!)

9. I am wanting to CREATE an Etsy account to sell my extra cards and projects.

10. I want to CREATE time out of the month for just me. To refresh and renew my attitude and mind so that I may indeed stay steadfast in spirit.

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