Saturday, October 10, 2009

It Really Snowed

Last nite was x-country parent nite at the football game and we were FREEZING! There were more of us than there were spectators! Here are the flowers that I was surprised with from Benjamin. (school colors are red and white) Bruce got candy. Thank you Benjamin! We are so proud of you!

We were only suppose to get 1-3" of snow. Yeah right!!!! Hard to believe we have 6" already this early in the year! Here are some pictures I took around the farm. I will be posting more as my 3 yr old nephew is here and we are going to make a snowman. Ü I have stamping projects to share later too.

After it starting melting:
Apple trees:
Snow ON a Pear Tree:
Back Yard:
Nook right outside the door:
Showing 6" deep


  1. These photos are so, so gorgeous!

  2. oh brrrr.....looks chilly!! We saw snow flurries today! UGH!

  3. Beautiful photos Debbie! I especially like the ones of your apple and pear trees. We just got a dusting of snow here in Norfolk, which is fine with me! I'm not ready for this winter weather!

  4. Debbie..your flowers are beautiful and your snow is well......early! I really like how the color of the apples and pears pop out from all the white snow. I would guess that this isn't ideal for your fruit though. The weather here has been funky too. I think it is supposed to rain again in the next day or two. Who knows?