Friday, October 30, 2009

fall, winter, fall, winter, ...repeat

What WILD weather we are having! First beautiful fall weather, then snow, then fall weather this week (that's when I took these pics below), then this morning wake up to snow and no school! Oh and tomorrow and thru Tuesday???? High 50's!
Well, I'm not going to complain about the snow. I'm okay with snow as long as it keeps me home. Ü I plan to do lots of stamping today (I hope as we need to can pears...see more on that below as well), so will have some things to share later. I'm working on a FUN POTM (project of the month) for Lizzie Anne Designs. Can't wait to share it with you all.

Okay, on to my FALL pics. These are pictures of our pear trees. I love the rich colors that the leaves turn...absolutely beautiful!Bruce estimated that with all the pears we have, we could end up with 200 QUARTS of pears!!! I am going to slice the next batch and see if I can get more in a jar. Anyone with yummy pear recipes? Ü I made pear muffins a couple of days ago and they were yummy.


  1. You lucky girl you! You can send some of those pears my way! : )

  2. Oh, if are so lucky! How many different fruit trees do you have?! YUMMO! :)

  3. Pears are one of my favorite fruit and these look delicious!

  4. Hey Debbie, your pears look de-lish! I am playing catch up here, but wanted to drop you a note. I love the new blog header too! Sorry about your funky weather. It has been cold in the mornings here and nice during the day. Not sure how long it will last though.