Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moose by Aaron

Post by Aaron:
Since I like to draw, I just wanted to draw a picture and color it for my card this week for The PaperTemptress. Do you like my moose? I’m thinking of selling some digital images.

My mom let me use her Copic markers. This is the first time I’ve used them and they are cool.

We were trying to think of words to go on this card and I thought of MOOSE-ance, so typed it on Microsoft Word and then punched it out with one of my mom’s punches.

I used Hot Fudge and Teal Felt Grandee cardstock.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Great job, Aaron!! I like the moose and the digital images are starting to get really popular.

  2. OMG you drew this! he's so adorable you should sell some digital images of him and keep drawing!

  3. You are way talented Aaron! I love your card...and your mom is COOL to let you use her Copics!
    ....Don't forget, I'm on your *design team* when you're fa-moose!
    hee hee!

  4. What a great drawing Aaron! Keep it up. Your card turned out awesome!

  5. LOVE the Moose! You are doing GREAT, Aaron!

  6. Aaron, that is so cute! Great job! Keep up your good work! michelle

  7. This needs to be a real stamp. You did a fabulous job. Wish I could just draw a straight line! With a ruler I still can't do it!