Thursday, January 31, 2008

How am I doing???

I thought at the end of each month I would go over my resolutions and see how I am doing. This is more for me than you, but someone out there might want to know.

So here we go...

1. Don't over do it. (This relates to my back) I've been doing pretty good so far.

2. Learn to ask for AND accept help. (this is the hardest for me) This is very hard for me, but I have had to ask.

3. Do my exercises at least 6 times a week. There are days I can't do ALL of them, but I have done some if not all every day.

4. Send a birthday card to everyone in my family ON TIME. Ü There was only one birthday in January (my 2 yr old nephew and I didn't make him a card as I figured it would only get thrown away)

5. Organize my stamp room (this is on going) I did a little and made an "Inspiration Station" that is so fun to see every time I walk in.

6. NO MORE HOARDING!! Use what I have AND what I buy! I did really good this month! I used up lots of ribbon on projects and paper too. It helped alot doing a Valentine "Inspiration Station" as I found things I forgot I had even had and made lots of goodies with those items.

7. Alter at least two items (out of my HUGE box of things to alter) every month. That would be a minimum of 24 items by December. (yes, I have that many things that need altered!!) So far, I altered a Tootsie Roll container, candle jar, several mini mailboxes from Target and a notebook. WOOHOO! Very excited to get these done.

8. Submit something for publication once a month (doesn't mean it will be published, but "you can't win if you don't enter") Bummer, submitted, but wasn't chosen. I do understand that this is very hard to do. BUT even though I wasn't chosen for something I entered I DO have some exciting news to share soon that happened this month!!!!!

9. RAK (random acts of kindness) someone at least once a month. Did this Ü

10. Eat chocolate Ü (have to have at least one thing that you KNOW you will do LOL!! Okay, like this one was taken care of the first day (as well as other days)

11. Make items for sale for at least 3 shows. I haven't done a show yet, but I have made a few items for a show in March.

12. Teach at least 12 classes at LSS if possible. I'm off to a good start as I have taught 2 classes already and have another scheduled for next weekend if I can get to feeling better (sinus/bronchial crud going on)

13. Do more SCS challenges. The only one I can think of is the Dirty Dozen monthly one. I have done a Beate challenge and two Mary Jo ones.

14. Attend at least ONE of my friend Barb's workshops. Ü Not yet, but still want to!

15. Whittle down my scrap box-challenge myself to make cards only using my scraps. Did this a little bit with my altering projects.

16. Make 10 Christmas cards a month. This way I will have some ready for sale and ready to send out after Thanksgiving. 10 down and 100 to go Ü

17. Make items for sale for LSS every month. Yes, part of my altered stuff and items made from my Inspiration Station.

18. Get caught up on Benjamin's scrapbook. Sadly, I wasn't able to even work in it this month. I was invited two different times to scrap and the first I wasn't feeling so great and the second DH & DS2 were very sick.

19. Post more often on blog. I haven't posted every day, but have done a much better job of posting for the month of January.

20. Make Christmas list in January and make/buy gifts throughout the year and be done by November. Still working on this, but have an idea of what I am going to do for the boys.

21. Finish up things that I started and then didn't finish for whatever reason. Finished some cards I had started.

22. Bless someone with items I just don't use any more and don't think I will ever use. I RAK'd someone with some goodies from my scrap room as I cleaned.

23. Stamp with my "neglected" stamps (you know those that you just "had" to have and then don't use much Ü). I started a card with Roses in Winter. This is one of my favorite sets, but didn't get it finished. Need to soon as someone is waiting to see what I do with it. ;)

24. Bless someone at least 6 times this year with cinnamon rolls (if I am able to). Not yet, but still have 11 months to go.

25. "PIF (pay it forward) 2008"-I have been blessed to win some blog candy, so I decided for this year, if I win blog candy, I am going to PIF and offer blog candy to you. Ü YAY!!! I did win some blog candy in January and I did send out a package.

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  1. WOW - I didn't know I was mentioned in one of your resolutions! You make me smile!