Monday, February 4, 2019

January/February Goals

I can't believe we are already well into Feb! I wanted to pop in and let you know how I am doing on my goals.

My January goals were:
*completing a declutter challenge for the month of January. I chose to follow this one: 30 MINUTE, 30 DAY ORGANIZATION CHALLENGE.  

Yes! I did this.
*decluttering and organizing craft room
We have had a LOT of cold weather and the upstairs (where my craft room is) is not heated. So while I didn't get to work up there as much as I wanted, I took advantage of every "warm" day we had and put a big dent in getting it done.

          *have some friends over for a cup of tea/coffee "just because"
This was fun. I had a couple friends over for a Winter White party. You can read about it here.
          *send a card to someone letting them know I'm thinking of them
I didn't send a card, but did send several messages.

*my health: I had a lot of health issues that happened in 2018 and are carrying over to 2019, so my goal is to keep better notes of what is going on when and to increase my exercise to 5 days/week
I didn't exercise 5 days/wk, but did exercise a lot more than I had been. Also on the days when I was gone all day out of town, I would park far from wherever I needed to go in and walked to get in more exercise.

For February, again I'm keeping it simple...

*do another declutter challenge

*have another mini party with friends

*exercise 3x/week

*keep working on craft room

*make a new recipe

*do a craft project

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