Thursday, February 18, 2016

Embroidered Flowers Tutorial

I have been asked to be a Tombow Ambassador and recently received my first package from them to create with. I received 2 products: Mono Correction Tape and Mono Adhesive Removable. They came all packaged up pretty in this fun clear pillow box which I will be using for a project you can be sure.

I used the Mono Adhesive Removable to create this project.
 To start with, I traced my stems and leaves from Cutting Cafe's Sentiments Stems and Flower Tops Printable Stamp Set.

I applied Mono Adhesive Removable to the front and adhered it to my fabric backgound (here it shows osnaburg, but I changed my mind and decided to go with muslin). Then I applied more Mono Adhesive Removable to the back so that I could adhere it to a window to trace my pattern

I also adhered the adhesive to cut out printed images that I used for flowers that would be too hard to trace with the thick water soluble fabric pen. It stayed on the fabric while I stitched and made French knots on the pattern. This is nice especially for small sizes so you don't have pins poking you as you stitch. By stitching through the paper, it perforates it and it easy to remove once done stitching.

sorry for the blurry image, I took these pictures throughout the day as I stitched and didn't realize this was so blurry and the coloring funky on the photo above.
Thank you Tombow for the package to create with. I hope this gives you a new idea of how to use Tombow's Mono Adhesive Removable.


  1. wow, now i need to add something else to my list to try....thanks for the tutorial

  2. Great Job Debbie, Thanks for sharing. This is absolutely adorable

  3. Oh this is just wonderful. I love it! This is on my to do list. Great idea!