Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Husker Inspired Shower

This shower went in a completely different direction than originally planned. LOL The bride and groom's colors are purple and mint and they shared that they like pizza and pasta. It needed to be on a Sunday right after church as that was the only time the busy couple was available. After talking to the bride to be, we decided on an Italian theme, with a pizza and pasta potluck, then the hostesses would do some Italian desserts.

Changes....the Sunday was going to be after a wedding at the church and a good share of those coming to the shower would be at the wedding. The groom's mother wanted to provide the pizza and ice cream for sundae's and really liked the Husker invites I made for another shower and suggested I just go with a Husker theme as both the bride and groom to be are huge fans.

So we just did a switch with the hostessses making pasta dishes and providing toppings for the ice cream. It was a huge hit.

Unfortunately....I couldn't find my camera (It was in the car!!!), so used my son's phone and only got a few pictures before everyone got there, then got so busy setting everything out that I forgot to take pictures of the food. So just imagine 5 kinds of pizza from Pizza Hut and traditional lasagne, chicken alfredo lasagne, crock pot pizza pasta, gluten free pasta, and gluten free chicken bacon ranch pizza. I will post my two recipes at the bottom.

For toppings, we had homemade marshmallow, homemade chocolate, homemade strawberry, caramel, butterscotch, nuts, and crushed oreos.

Here are the few pics I did take...

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