Monday, June 23, 2014

Pinned It Made It Monday Week 25

I have a cousin who has tried to have a baby for several years. After heartbreak of not being able to have one on her own and adoption fall throughs, she and her DH are the proud parents of a beautiful adopted baby girl.

I knew I wanted to create something handmade and went to Pinterest for some ideas. As far as crocheting has gone, I've not gone too far out of my comfort zone, but was hoping I could read and understand instructions to make a baby hat and I'm excited that I did! I even made a big crocheted flower for the hat, which just adds so much personality to it. This is the PIN and HERE is the pattern for the hat and PIN and PATTERN for flower.

I also decided to make some little fabric shoes. It's been a LONG time since I've done this kind of sewing and they were so easy to make with this PATTERN and here is the PIN.

Then I needed to create a baby card to go with it and used Regina's Elephant Shaped Card file from Cutting Cafe.


  1. awe how this set and congrats

  2.'re AMAZING!!! You need to make a gift and not only do you make a card, but you crochet a hat AND a fabulous rose AND you sew baby booties. Now THAT is a gift of love. Your creations are gorgeous and so perfect for the new wonderful baby blessing. :)