Monday, March 10, 2014

Pinned It Made It Monday Week 10

I have a fun Pinterest project to share with you today. I have made soooo many of these now. I am calling them "Neckarfs"...necklace meets scarf

It is an Etsy post, so just went to YouTube and typed in crochet rope necklace and found different posts to tell how to do it. It's just basically a chain stitch that you do with your hands and then make as long as you want and start looping to the length you want. I then left a long strand of yarn and wrapped all the loops together to tie it off.

Here are just a "few" that I've made and given as gifts and sold. I still have several left for sale that I need to take somewhere to sell...either a store or craft show.

I have a solid gray one that I forgot to take a picture of that I wear. I like that it goes with anything that I wear with my blue or gray jeans.

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