Friday, March 7, 2014

Frugal Friday 3-7

Frugal ways we saved that last 2 weeks

* earned $15 in Swagbucks

* in-store coupon for milk $2.99/gallon (any kind), used it on Monday when they have "milk Monday" where milk is 50¢ off and they took another 50¢ off the coupon sale (wasn't sure they would)... so I got a gallon of whole milk (normally over $4) for $2.49. We don't drink whole milk, but DH likes homemade ice cream and we will use it for that.

* friend gave me leftover cheese, crackers, chips and carrots from ladies nite out

* bag of spinach for 99¢, bought 2 of them. Will eat as a salad and put some in recipes that I make

* bought curtains and curtain rods for the living room, oreos for homemade ice cream, plus some fabric for a shower decorations with Walmart swagbucks and it was all free. The look on the guy's face behind me was priceless as I handed the check out lady my sheets of paper with the swag codes on them and walked away without paying a dime. The checkout lady was a bit befuddled too as she followed the instructions on the sheet and it shows I owed nothing. That was a lot of fun! It has been YEARS since I've had curtains in the living room. It looks so different couch, chair and curtains....♥ it! Now to save up for the other rooms...

* ordered cardstock with swagbucks as I got low with all the blocks I had made...order was completely free

* used swagbucks to order scented oils for our next batch of soap...also completely free

* downloaded free books onto my Kindle

*finally had a nice day yesterday, so did all the laundry and hung it on the line...just in time too because it's suppose to rain and snow today!

I would love to hear how you save and any frugal ideas you have.

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  1. Nice job, Debbie. I love getting deals on milk. Naomi still has to drink whole milk, so that's an especially great price you paid. It's $4.25/gal here.

    How do you earn so many Swagbucks?! I only get about $5 every couple of months, but it's almost all from searches and the daily poll. I've never gotten anything except Amazon cards--maybe I should look into other options!