Friday, January 24, 2014

Frugal Friday 1-24

I have more savings to share with you today from the last two weeks...

*rec'd $100 for Christmas to use towards a Kindle. I waited until I thought I could get a good deal and Amazon had a $30 off special, so used that plus $5.42 I had in Amazon credit from Swagbucks and free shipping and only had to pay $3.58. It could have been free, but I hadn't cashed in some Swagbucks points and it takes a few days to get them, and didn't want to miss out on the $30 off deal.

*enjoyed warm weather to hang out clothes to dry 8 loads (okay, so one day we had 50+ mph wind and it was NOT warm, but they dried. LOL! I just pinned them very good and checked on them every half hour to make sure they were still on the line.

*eggnog marked down to 39¢. DH likes it, so got some. Aaron tried and liked it too.

*butchered our own cow and got 450# of meat. Most is hamburger as the meat was a bit tougher, a few small roasts and bags of stew meat and 42 qt jars of canned beef chunks.

* planned ahead and made lunch for 5 when in town (we live in the country) and lunch for 3 another time and supper for 2 when we had to go in early for youth group

*dried more of our apples (five 5 gallon buckets left to do!)

*qt of yogurt on sale for 99¢

*tried to eat what we had in the freezer/pantry and only bought milk, flour, eggs, cheese, canned vegetables and yogurt the past 2 weeks

*canned vegetables for 39¢, I can't remember the last time they were this cheap. They are usually on sale for 58¢ each. I bought corn, cream corn (DH loves corn casserole) and green beans.


  1. Great deals, Debbie! Thanks for sharing.

  2. warm weather? weird! We have been sub zero this winter...brrrrr!