Monday, May 3, 2010

Graduation Count Down

Six days til Benjamin graduates! YIKES I'm not ready!! We ended up going and seeing Bruce's grandma yesterday. I didn't get as many things marked off my list this weekend as I wanted, but it was good to just relax for awhile. Now, I'm ready to get busy. Wish I didn't have to work as it only gives me very FEW hours a day to work on things.

Tonite is the senior slideshow. I've never been to one and am looking forward to it. I will have 2.5 hours after school to work on things, so hope I have a very productive time.



  1. Have fun with these last few weeks! :) Good luck with getting every little thing ticked off your list!

  2. Debbie, those look adorable!
    Hugs and smiles