Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graduation and etc..

Hello! It seems that lately, I've been apologizing for not posting regularly here. I apologize again. I've been sick since the day before graduation and am just now starting to feel better. I ended up with bronchitis and because I'm now down to one antibiotic that I can have the dr. wanted to try something different. I think I would rather had the antibiotic! It's been a very LONG week.

Well, my 435 cookies got made AND not only that but it only took a little under 3 hours!!!! Can you believe it? Bet you don't, but it's the truth. I have a friend that has a convection (sp?) oven and we were able to bake 3 dozen at a time. We had a system going...fill cookie sheets, put in oven, take out, cool, put in boxes, repeat. Ü Now THAT'S the way to make cookies!

Here are a few pictures of our senior. He was one of 6 students that have been 4.0 since 9th grade, so he had to give a speech. He was the only one that stepped up to the mic and that could be heard and understood. For family that doesn't know...he is planning to attend Chadron State and major in medicine. Right now his goal is to become a doctor, so he has a lot of school ahead of him. Good thing he loves school! LOL! We are so proud of you Benjamin!!

Here are some pictures (alot of them didn't turn out and are blurry)...

table with diplomas

here he is handing out flowers. He had already given me mine. good thing there isn't a picture cuz I was crying. he is hugging his great grandma in this picture. my MIL is wearing black and white and mom is in pink

receiving a medal for 4 years of having a 4.0 GPA

receiving his diploma

I was so busy working that I didn't get alot of pictures taken at the reception. DH took this. this is of the food table. The "trays" the cookies are in are hubcaps (my idea Ü) from his Mustang (his idea)

this is my nephew "helping uncle Bruce make ice cream"...translation playing in the salt. Ü

I want to brag on Aaron too. He received honors for all A's for his freshman year and was chosen as one of four 
Students of the Year by classmates and faculty. We are very proud of you Aaron!!

Finals start Thursday, so it's going to be busy and crazy around here thru next Tues (the 25th) which is the last day of school.

I was able to get some stamping done for Tombow this weekend, so be watching my blog for when those projects go live this week and the next few weeks.

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  1. I've been thinking about you!
    What a good looking feller you have there! Is he sticking around home until this fall?!

    Cute hub-cap idea!! Good luck as you face the last crazy weeks of school!!!