Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Popping In

I have had several subscribers unsubscribe and I knew that would happen with me being so busy right now. I did want to pop in quick this morning and give you a run down on what is going on in our busy lives.

I am taking a two week break from CSAYL. I just don't have time to work on the projects right now. Please stop by the CSAYL blog today and next Friday and see what the DT has been up to. I will be back after the 8th.

Yesterday was a trackmeet and Benjamin placed second in both of his events...the 800 and 1600 meter races. In the 800 he beat his personal best record by 2 seconds and was really excited by that.

Here is what our lives look like thru the 8th...

tonite: Fine Arts Program that both Benjamin and Aaron will be receiving awards. Benjamin for Quiz Bowl and Aaron for art.

5/1: Conference trackmeet
5/2: church and working on graduation reception
5/3: Senior Slideshow
5/4: Academic Wall of Fame...this is a HUGE honor and both of the boys received invitations to this. You don't know until you get there what honor/award you have been given.
5/5: Baccalaureate
5/6: Baking over 400 cookies!!!!!!
5/7: Trackmeet and baking cookies
5/8: Setting up for Graduation, graduation at 2 pm and reception following
5/9: Mother's Day and probably crashing Ü

I do have a project preposted for Tombow to go post next week. They haven't told me the exact date yet, but it is for Teacher Appreciation week and I love how it turned out. Be sure to stop back in then.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


  1. Hang in there busy lady!! Maybe after school is out you will be able to breathe again!! Miss ya!

  2. I think we are all becoming busier these days -i'll still stay subscribed for the mo as I love your inspiration- I have to check out a few blogs as I use more time reading than creating at the moment so maybe everyone else is in the same boat. try to have some me time amongst your busy schedule.