Wednesday, April 14, 2010

this 'n that

I know I've been neglecting my blog and I will try to do better once graduation is over. I have been working on DT assignments and those will be posted when due otherwise it may be a bit quiet until after the 9th of May.

I did want to do the mom brag thing though. Aaron (15) entered an Optimist Essay Contest and won 2nd! The prize was $75. 1st and 3rd place winners were juniors and I was very proud of my freshman. The essay topic they all had to write about was "The Internet: Today's Evolution or Tomorrow's Menace?"  He did an awesome job and I was told by the person who gave him his certificate and check to never let Aaron stop writing. He said he has a wonderful way with words that is a gift. I didnt' tell him that I have a file folder of stories Aaron has written that are so funny and good.

Here is a photo of Aaron receiving his award from Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis was my speech teacher in high school, so it was fun to introduce him to my son.

Benjamin news: He has chosen to attend college at Chadron. It feels so good to finally have this marked off our list. He received the Presidential Gold Scholarship (all tuition paid) and will be majoring in pre-med. After 4 yrs he will have to transfer somewhere else to finish up.

Things are starting to sink in. I made my list last nite of everything that has to be done in 3.5 weeks. There is a lot to do and it's hard working full time, but hopefully I've got it paced out so that it will all get done in time.


  1. wow....lots for you and Bruce to be proud of....both boys are excelling!

    Enjoy this busy time!! HUGS!

  2. Congrats to both boys Debbie! You will get through this graducation stuff and before you know it. I totally understand the blog neglect thing. I had to have a cataract removed from my eye a couple of weeks ago and it seems that if I sit at the computer or do close up work, it makes the eye throb. Going back to the Dr. tomorrow, I hope this is normal and not something else wrong.