Friday, June 5, 2009

National Doughnut Day!

I'll share the history of this important holiday in a minute.
I'm popping in to say I'll be back soon. Both boys come home tomorrow~ Benjamin from AK and Aaron from staying in town all week with my in-laws while he helped with Bible School. Bruce helped me Wed clean Benjamin's room and will do the windows today and yesterday after I got home from my dr. appt. I started tackling Aaron's room. Benjamin's was just VERY dusty and had little to do but it's a large room (both boy's rooms are~ in fact larger than DH & mine). I need to get Aaron's finished and he is a pack rat. I got half done and then was sneezing so much decided I better take a break, so am back to finishing today.

While in Grand Island yesterday, I bought the boys' favorite treats and am going to fix up a little gift basket for each of them, plus make some "welcome home" banners. I have to get all their bedding washed and hung on the line so it will feel and smell fresh and be ready for them both to crash when they get home. Ü

I will also be doing lots of baking, breads, cookies, snacks etc to be ready for them as well. Aaron loves carrot bread (a yeast bread you make with mashed carrots, recipe will be posted later), so need to get that done.
I have some cards made, just not photo'd cuz it takes so long! Since I'm using Aaron's camera and his stuff is not downloaded on our computer, I have to take the pics with his camera, take the card and batteries out and put them in a broken screen camera, then put on the computer. If they don't look good, I go back and take the batteries and card out of the broken camera and put back into Aaron's and back and forth. Confused?? Ü

I hope I will be able to be more consistent posting every day after Benjamin gets home since I will have my camera back. I do have to chuckle as I rec'd a notification that someone unsubbed from my blog because I post too much. LOL!!

Okay, now on to your National Doughnut (or donut) Day history lesson according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"In honor of National Doughnut Day, Doughboys and Engineers (started by Todd Oliver) are being offered free doughnuts. On National Doughnut Day, look to see if your local doughnut shop, or other organizations, are offering free doughnuts to solicit donations for the Salvation Army or for another needy cause. If you find them, please be generous."
"National Doughnut Day is on the first Friday of June each year. The holiday celebrates the doughnut (a.k.a "donut") — an edible, ring-shaped piece of dough which is deep-fried and sweetened. Many American doughnut stores offer free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day. In 2009, both independent doughnut shops[1] and large national franchises offered free doughnuts in the United States."
"National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fund raiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. Their goal was to help the needy during the Great Depression, and to honor the Salvation Army "Lassies" of World War I, who served doughnuts to soldiers behind the front lines in France.
Soon after the US entrance into WWI in
1917, the Salvation Army sent a fact-finding mission to France. The mission concluded that "huts" that could serve baked goods, provide writing supplies and stamps, and provide a clothes-mending service, would serve the needs of US enlisted men. Six staff members per hut should include four female volunteers who could "mother" the boys.
(The canteens/social centres that were established by the Salvation Army in the United States near army training centers were called "huts".)
About 250 Salvation Army volunteers went to France. Because of the difficulties of providing freshly-baked goods from huts established in abandoned buildings near to the front lines, two Salvation Army volunteers (Ensign
Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance) came up with the idea of providing doughnuts. These are reported to have been an "instant hit", and "soon many soldiers were visiting Salvation Army huts". Margaret Sheldon wrote of one busy day "Today I made 22 pies, 300 doughnuts, 700 cups of coffee."
A legend has spread that the provision of doughnuts to US enlisted men in WWI is the origin of the term
doughboy to describe US infantry, but the term was in use as early as the Mexican-American War of 1846-47."
So, there you have it...go eat a donut today.


  1. love the history, thanks
    I love doughnuts too but don't eat to many any more.

  2. welcome home to the boys debbie! Hope you share a bit of Ben's time in AK!

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