Thursday, June 18, 2009


ko·lac·ky (kə-läch'kē, kō'läch-) n. pl. kolacky or kolache also ko·la·ches
A sweet bun made from yeasted dough and usually having a fruit or poppy seed filling.

I had tried making Kolaches a few years back and they turned out so dry that I never tried again...until now. After doing some research on the internet, I learned that the secret is a very sticky dough.
Farmer's Market started today and I love going in and usually would buy peach kolaches from a vendor. She will be sad to know that I can now make them myself.
These turned out so soft and fresh and yummy! I made peach and cherry from fruit I had put up myself last year (used the last bag of frozen peaches), raspberry (from a fruit filling that is used in coffee cakes, bismarks, etc), cream cheese and cream cheese/raspberry (Benjamin's idea). Some had a crumb topping, some drizzled frosting.
Hungry yet? Come on over! This is what I did today, so tomorrow I will have some stamping goodies to share.
PS: I've made over 100 crocheted flowers now! It is easy to get alot of them done when you are riding in a car!


  1. Debbie - have been way too busy this week to check out your blog until tonight and what is right in front but Kolaches!!! Here I am trying to LOSE weight and you are showing be this and inviting me over!! They look wonderful. I have made them (took a class in Ord) and they turn out wonderful but take quite a few hours from start to finish to make. Love the cards you have made this week - the Kona is really cute!!

  2. pfbbbt! I'm walking 45 minutes a day and you put up yummy photos like that.....and I'm drooling from afar! Maybe I could eat one of each flavor if I walked to NE, eh?! You'd have to make me a fresh batch though! LOL! ;)

  3. YUMMY! I love how your camera takes such nice CLEAR photo's and the details show so well on your goodies! (Cards too, or is it your editing in Photoshop?) TFS... Michelle :)

  4. OMG, you've got baking skills too!?! YOU GO GIRL! :)

  5. ooo - do share your recipe! they look scrumptous!

  6. I am very hungry right now so I do want to come for breakfast although I fear those yummies are all gone by now!

  7. could you please post your recipe.
    They look yummy