Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lots of Lizzie Anne

Today I have some fun goodies to share with you. The first project is for LAD's POTM or Project of the Month. The DT takes turn with each 3 month release to share a fun project for you to try. I am hooked on toilet paper tube projects and that is what I am sharing with you this month. TP Lifesaver Treat Instructions:
stamps: LAD Lifesaver Single
paper: digi LAD Swanky Stripes
ink: Memento Black and pink
other: markers, brads, cello bag, toilet paper roll, candy, ribbon, Tombow adhesive, photo corner punch

1. Print pink and green stripes on white. Then cut to 8.5" square and run thru printer turning once to make a plaid pattern. Opt: Sponge edges with ink. Cool huh? Ü
2. Wrap plaid around toilet paper tube as shown. (sizes will vary with brands, but my pink is cut 4.25" x 6" and 2" x 6")
3. Cut ribbon to 6" and adhere.
4. Ink girl only and stamp and color.
5. Ink sentiment only and cut into a tag. Brush edges with ink.
6. Adhere girl to front of covered tube.
7. Add 3 brads, attaching the tag to bottom brad.
8. Punch photo corner and adhere to top left corner.
9. Fill cello bag with candy and tie with ribbon.
10. Insert cello bag inside toilet paper roll with ribbon showing

Be sure to stop by here and see what the other designers are sharing with you.

The next fun project I have to show you is using this month's new stamp single release called Sparklers and new digi print Stars and Stripes. There is also another single released and I will show that one tomorrow. I love all things Americana (maybe it has to do with my bd being the 6th of July, I don't know) and was so excited when LAD released these singles and digi prints.
I cut the stripe paper 3.25" x 3.5" and wrapped it around a roll of lifesavers. (this is not my idea. it is one I saw last year and saved the idea in my notes to make)
Then I poked a hole in the top and added the fun sparkly stars. For those that live here, it comes from Alco. Because the stars were so sparkly, I added glitter on the star stripes and also on the sparklers on the card.
The ribbon on the card is some that I picked up a couple of years ago in the dollar section at Target. I couldn't believe how perfect it matched the digi paper!
On a personal note, it is VERY quiet here! Ü Benjamin is still in AK (coming home Saturday) and Aaron is spending the week in town helping with Bible School.
I wish I could say I'm getting a LOT done, but yesterday had a pneumonia shot (plan one of trying to keep me from getting sick) and apparently (if you can believe what you read on the internet) less than 1% have a reaction and that reaction is for your muscles to hurt all over. Well you guessed it!!! I hit that "less than 1%". This is a new kind of pain for me, but if it keeps me from getting sick all the time, it will be worth it.
I see the dr. from Omaha again Thursday and they will explain to me all my test results. They sent a letter, but it was all gobbly gook to me. All I understood is that there is damage to one lung (from all the pleurisy I'm guessing) and they will discuss what I'm to do at my appt. One thing I do know is that Singulair is a waste of my money. It hasn't helped a bit and I hope that I don't have to take anymore. OTC meds work better than it does, but he wanted me to take it until June to see if it helped.


  1. Your POTM project is totally cute and creative, Debbie!! I love your patriotic card & firecracker too!!

    I'm sorry you are ill from the pneumonia shot. I hope you're feeling better soon! Hugs!!

  2. Wow, such cool projects! I never thought to create a goody bag with the toilet paper roll! What a fabulous idea. I made an angel once with a toilet paper roll. It was fun.

    I love your second project. . .using the lifesaver roll. Another fantastic idea!! Love the patriotic theme!! That reminds me July 4th is right around the corner.

    I'm sorry about the sore muscle. Ouch! How unlucky of you to be the 1% to have a side effect of the shot. I've never had a flu shot my entire life . .or one that I can recall.

    I'm also sorry to hear about the damaged lung. I hope the prognosis is better once it's all explained to you and they can find something better to treat it!! Good luck!


  3. your projects are so awesome Debbie!! The first one is so cut and I love that patriotic card. The firecracker is adorable....what fun party decor that would be!

  4. how clever to use a tp tube - time for me to start saving them again! Everything is so cute! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. Love these projects!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE all of your projects!! Wow!! What great ideas ... and they seem so easy to recreate!! Thank you!!

    I do have a quick question for you ... How does the bag stay in the TP roll? (It doesn't look like you closed the bottom in any way, or did I miss something?)

    Thanks again for the inspiration!!


  7. Fabulous projects Debbie - so creative. x