Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool Summer

Another card from Lizzie Anne Designs fun Sweets & Treats and paper from Sweets.

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My schedule has been so crazy! We found out yesterday that we get out the 20th (May) instead of 27th. YAY!!!! However, yesterday students started realizing they may be failing some classes and want me to perform a miracle and help them pass! Never mind ALL the reminders of where their grades are and that they need to hand IN their work to get a grade above a zero. I think they all have spring fever (don't we all?) and want out of school, but it's scrunch time now.

There are FOUR trackmeets this week! Thankfully, a policy is in place that athletes can only perform in 2 per week, so that limited how much running we had to do. One of them is Saturday and about 2.5 to 3 hours away, so we will be gone all day.

Sunday, the teens are talking about their trip to AK they will be taking this summer (actually it's in May) to work on a ranch that turns into a camp in the summer. They are hosting a camp meal after church, so we will be gone all Sunday too.

Okay, I only got ONE card uploaded (will upload the other when I get home tonite) and will add some track and boys with their great gr'ma after I get them edited.


  1. OMG! I love all of the cards you have been uploading. I haven't received an e-mail all week w/your updates. I have added you to my Google reader, so I won't miss any more good stuff.

    Sounds like you are just as busy as I am. How are you feeling?

  2. popsicles are adorable....and I don't even like them!! LOL!

    Hope you hang in there until the rush/crush is over!! ;)

  3. Cute card, Debbie! It makes we want to eat ice cream considering it's nice and warm here today. Love all the summer colors to your card.

    Too bad some kids are failing. Kids just don't get it until they're older and working at the gas station and living with their parents at age 30!