Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, Owl Be

Today (not today, today as this is a prepost) was a tough one. I am not feeling so good (seems the pleurisy is back or worse, guess it's a good thing I've got a dr appt set up), my students were especially difficult and in one of the classes the students were to share memories of their grandparents. Some of them I wanted to yell at and tell them to appreciate them while they can, but of course I couldn't and they wouldn't understand and WON'T understand until they are older. However, not to end on a negative note, there were a few that you could tell cherished their grandparent(s).

I wish my grandparents were still living (for lots of reasons), but they would have loved seeing this card. Grandma always like seeing my cards anyway and Grandpa would have thought that the first line of this sentiment was designed BY him. Ü Whenever you would tell G'pa something that would surprise him, he'd say "Well, I'll be", but it really did sound more like "Well, OWL be" the way he said it as he would drawl out the "I'll".
When Jackie (from Inky Antics) first showed me these owl images and sentiments, it brought back such a rush of memories. Grandma loved owls and Grandpa saying this particular sentiment.
So I these cards are in wonderful memory of my grandparents.

All images are by Inky Antics.


  1. These are fabulous!!! And thanks for the reminder to all to appreciate grandparents!

  2. oooooh! these are all wonderful, Debbie! love the colors. It's always nice to read your dear memories of your g'parents. I didn't really have any. I am sorry that you are feeling so terrible. I am just bouncing back after being sick for 2 weeks. And that was long enough...never mind all these months that you've been miserable. ((((hugs))))

  3. What fabulous cards - so awesome! I never knew my mom's dad - he died when she was 19. I miss my other grandparents though (and my dad).

  4. Gorgeous cards. My grandpa used to say the same thing. Thanks for taking me down memory lane for a little bit :)


  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Debbie! I hope your doctor can help you find a good treatment.

    Yeah, kids don't understand what they have until they lose it. I miss my grandparents. I had the kindest grandfather and I still feel sad, even after 20 years. My grandmother was very strict but I quote a lot the things she said to me to my own kids.

    Such a nice story of your grandparents! It's nice that your cards remind you of them and have special meanings. Your cards are adorable.

    Take care!!


  6. I'm so sorry your still not feeling well. I hope your doctor can give you some help when you see him for your appt.
    All of these cards are so adorable!!! I love the owl images and how you paired them with these awesome papers, they look great together!
    I miss my grandparents too! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you! :)

  7. cute cards debbie....and just remember all those sweet memories!! I also say treasure your parents while you have's so easy to take them and our kids for granted...but time moves on....