Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are you guilty?

Do you say you will pray for someone and then forget? I know I have. God must be sending me some messages, because first I read this blog post by Julie on this topic on March 5th and then on March 9th and 10th that was the same topic on the Proverbs 31 devotion site. (you can click on the colored words to see the posts I'm talking about)

The thing I liked about Rachel's post on Proverbs 31 Ministry site is that she prays for the person and THEN e-mails them to say I *prayed* for you. I also loved that prayers can be quick. I know people who pray and go on and on (and there may be a time for that) and I feel like it's more a show than real. It's not for me to judge them, but I like that God will answer my *quickie* prayers just as much as one that seems to last for several minutes. I believe this is how we truly "pray without ceasing" by saying a prayer when God brings something to mind.

I have been on the blessing end of prayers MANY times and I hope that I can be a blessing to others by praying for them. I truly believe in the power of prayer.

If you would like to pray for someone, my cousin's little boy (just turned two) burnt the palm of his hand by touching a burner. Toby has a lot to go thru. The burns were 3-4 degree. Right now it's just keeping him comfortable and the hand clean. Later there will be things he will need to do to make sure he keeps it flexible. At such a young age it is hard for him to understand that the "ouchie" isn't going away. I plan to make a little care package for him this weekend and will post later what I made. If you take the time to pray for him and his parents...thank you.


  1. oooh, poor little man! The thought of his little hand just makes me cringe! (hugs) to him!

  2. OUCH!! Declan did that when he was little too. I will say a prayer for Toby. And I usually do the quickie after I comment and then try to remember again at night. ;) But just so YOU KNOW...I HAVE prayed for you too. :)