Friday, July 25, 2008

Put Me In, Coach!

This is the last of the 3 cards that went to CHA. This card was made with the Put Me In, Coach set from Storage Units, Ink & More.
There was some masking done to make it look like the boy was in front of the bench.
The "grass" is made with the bat. I just inked the center part of the bat and then stamped over and over (reinking each time) at slighty different angles till I got it as full looking as I wanted. To me the boy looks like he has a wistful look on his face, and he is trying hard to keep smiling as he is waiting for the Coach to put him in the game and the grass is growing all around him. (this could be me-if it were a girl-cuz the coach wouldn't have wanted to put me in esp if it was a close game LOL!!)
To make the sky, I tore a piece of computer paper in a cloud shape and then sponged lightly blue over and over to give the look of clouds. After doing the grass there was just too much white.


  1. what a *way clever* way to make grass!! Love it! Cute story out Cindy!! LOL!

  2. Oh Debbie - I want to have that set!!! The baseball player is left handed!!!! I always look for that because my two older boys are left handed. Can you email me details, please?! THANKS! Barb D