Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

So much has been going on here. The day before Thanksgiving, I finally *gave ine* and agreed to have an MRI on my back. If you know anything about my history and how many surgeries I've had in my life, you understand my dragging my feet. I have been concerned that if I have the MRI and it's not good, then I will be told I will have to have surgery. But my *friends* (LOL) and family have tried to encourage me that if I have the MRI, it might be something simple (now that would be rare! nothing about me has ever been simple Ü). So I had the MRI on Monday and by the time we got home there was a message from my dr saying she had already gotten the results (see I told you...rare Ü). Anyway, seems I have "several bulging discs". She asked me to call her the next day to set up an appt with a spine specialist. I will be seeing Dr. Beard from Colorado, but will see him here. He comes to Gothenburg once a month. Not sure which day, but they will be calling me and letting me know. The Imaging Center sent home the CD of my scans and we looked at it. I count at least 5 bulging discs. At least I'm not imaging my pain. Sometimes I would think if I could just *relax* the pain would go away and it just never seemed to happen. So now it's a waiting game. I am still doing my PT at home. I am still in constant pain, but don't want to quit the PT in case I would actually be in worse pain if I wasn't doing it. I am still not agreeing to surgery, but am willing to hear what my options are.
Thank you for all the well wishes and e-mails I have rec'd concerning my back. That is so kind of you all. In the next post, I will show you what I have been working on. I am so thankful that I can sit and stamp or work on things.

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  1. Hope your back is feeling better! Mine bothers me every once in awhile but never bad enough to drag myself to the dr. Someday probably though. Hugs to you!