Saturday, June 9, 2007

thank you...and a note...

Thank you for all the kind words and prayers I rec'd for my dad. I didn't expect to hear from so many, was just letting everyone know where I would be if there was no e-mail access at the hospital. I have had some ask what hospital we will be at, and I have no idea, I am just the driver Ü. All I know right now is we are going to Denver.

I have also received several messages asking to hear about Benjamin's trip to Belize. He kept a journal (per my request Ü) each day. He gave me permission to write a little from each day. I will do this when I get home. Just right a couple sentences from his journal to give you an idea of what he did. We gave him 4 disposable cameras as we were told not to send our digital or it would get stolen. The disposable camera pictures are kinda fuzzy and we found out the other kids took their digital cameras! Oh well. I will post a couple of the better pic's too.

So things to look forward to...
me getting back
news & pic's from Belize via Benjamin
blog candy when I hit 10,000 visits

I'm packed and hope to get a GOOD night's sleep. Going to early church in the morning, then we are going to see gr'ma (she is worrying about dad), then heading out. Please pray for me as I drive the whole way-should be about a 6 hr drive.

See you in the funny papers! LOL!! (my gr'pa always said that and it came to mind *heehee*)

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  1. You will all be in our prayers! Be safe and alert in the rode! Hope things go very well and that your dad has a speedy recovery time!