Monday, March 26, 2007

new feature

Ok, I'm really slow when it comes to blogging! There is a new feature I have added. You can sign up for e-mail subscription. You will get a message via e-mail whenever I post here.

Update on Aaron. I have rec'd e-mails asking about him. He is doing much better. Still coughs alot and that could last quite awhile as it can take 6 months to get all the pneumonia from the lungs. Today is important to him as we are letting him get up and move around quite abit. He is tired of laying around in front of the humidifier. Shhhhh don't tell him, but he will also be doing some school. Ü

Benjamin's track meet was cancelled Saturday due to lightening. In a way I was relieved as I had so much I needed to do here at home. But also disappointed as I am looking forward to seeing him run.

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