Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Romantic/Glitter/Sparkly Bridal Shower

It's fun to host showers that are your style, but this one was fun to do out of my "comfort zone" so to speak. All other showers have had a hint of rustic/country/vintage to them, and while this one was completely different and I really love how it all came together.

It all started with this invitation...Her theme was gold/sparkly/glitter and her colors: pink blush and gold. I knew right away I wanted to use some gold paper doilies. Those aren't as easy to find as I thought they would be!
I didn't have any designer papers that fit this theme, so did some googling and came across Erin Bradley Designs. I love her work and she had the perfect digital designs for me to print in her Pink & Gold Digital Paper Set. I printed the floral design, then ran it back through the printer and printed the info on top of that. I love how pretty it is and how it worked perfectly with my gold doilies.

With pink and gold as the color theme, I knew it needed to be "girly". I borrowed the ruffly curtain from a friend to cover the ugly marker board that is usually seen and receive lots of compliments on that accent alone!

In front of that was the food table. We used a gold plastic table cover and a fabric lace one that I got at 90% off at Dollar General in January when they were marking all their Christmas stuff down. I thought it added the perfect touch to the gold.

I also bought a gold spray paint can and used the whole can spraying things for this table. You might be able to see it better by clicking on the photo, but I bought some glass cut glasses and spray painted them gold, then glued them to some old white dishes. The three cups and plates were 10¢ each. Love happy bargains like this.

The little container holding the nuts, I found at a second hand store for 10¢...SCORE! It was already gold, but tarnished on the outside, so I sprayed (the outside only) the tin and you can see the difference in the golds. I wrapped some lovely May Arts ribbon around it and added some paper flowers.

The mints were a new recipe as well. They were butter mints and I'll post the recipe at the bottom. They were quite a hit as well. (with DH too as I had several left over to bring home)

See the gold on the pink plastic spoon? As I'm spray painting several items, it came to me to try to paint just the top of the spoon. It worked so well, that I took all the pink forks outside too and lined them up, then laid a newspaper over the part that would be touching food and sprayed the handles. This was so much fun and I've never seen this done anywhere, so was excited that I thought of something like that. Ü

The tray holding the dipped rice krispie bars, is a clear plastic tray you can get at the dollar stores. I just turned it over and spray painted the back. The gold color shone through perfectly. We have several gals that have to eat gluten free, so I wanted a snack that they could eat as well. The bars are just the regular rice krispie treat recipe and then I colored some white almond bark and dipped 1/2 the bar in to get a "pink & gold" look.
We had 3 different flavors of cupcakes to choose from: chocolate, lemon with lemon curd in the center, and vanilla. I piped the rose frosting onto all of them the same.

To add a little whimsy, we had gold straws to drink our pink lemonade with. Perfect for a hot summer day. I added some pink flags to each straw. The straws I picked up in the dollar section at Target. The tray this is all sitting on was also a dollar clear plastic tray that I spray painted the bottom with.

Here is a closer look at the forks spray painted. The gold polka dot  napkins are from Party City.

Underneath the rose jars are several layers of white tulle. The jars and tulle were borrowed from a friend's daughter's wedding decor. The roses were from a large rose bush that I got 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. To decorate the jars, I cut 3 layers of crepe paper ribbon and then cut a fringe on each long side, overlapped the ends and tied with gold string.

The sign in table...I spray painted a jar and then added some ribbons and flowers to it.. The sign in sheet was another of the prints that came in the digital set that I used for the invites.

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  1. You created some gorgeous items for the pink and gold bridal shower! Just awesome!