Thursday, June 18, 2015

owl woodland baby shower

Shower #11 and counting for the year! Ü This was a woodland theme focusing on owls. Baby Wood's (how cool is that? the last name is Wood and it's a woodland theme) nursery is decorated in pink, green and gray. I went more pink, green and browns for the shower.

It all started off with an owl invite to the afternoon shower using a Silhouette file (all the links will be at the bottom of this post):

I found some adorable owl plates, but they were over $10.95 for 8, plus a ridiculous shipping charge, so that wasn't happening. These plates don't have owls on them, but they ARE baby and they ARE the perfect colors. Snagged these at the Dollar Tree, so definitely a much better deal.

For the table centerpieces, I made more of the owls that I made for the invites and inserted a wooden skewer between 2 owls that I glued together. There is a foam piece in the jar that the skewer inserts into and then added the green flowers. The small pinecones were picked locally.

We had two kinds of cupcakes: vanilla and chocolate. I used LARGE pinecones all the way from CA  for the tags telling what the food was. The pinecones were from my cousin for her nieces wedding that she picked in her yard. Thank you Brandy for letting me borrow them!

 Trail mix:

pink coated chocolate candies (like sixlets) that someone donated asking if I was going to have a shower that had pink...they worked perfectly for this shower

These were so much fun! So thankful to Jean who was willing to make these for me! She made 3 different kinds with meats and cheeses in them.

This punch was not only the perfect color, but so refreshing! Only 2 ingredients: raspberry sherbet and 7-UP!

Centerpiece on the sign in table

Here is the momma to be. Can't wait to meet baby girl Wood! 

Owl invite file
Owl cupcake inspiration
Owl printable on sign in sheet and food tags
Owl Tortilla Roll Ups

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  1. OH MY GOSH.....this is INCREDIBLE!!! I've been so lost in my own world lately that I haven't been on the computer in forever and I've so missed seeing your posts. I can't believe this is your 12th baby shower this year so far...holy wow....that's awesome! The owls you made are SO STINKING CUTE and that food....LOLOLOL...I couldn't stop smiling. You did an amazing job here and that Mommy to be is gorgeous. :)
    Thanks for sharing Debbie. You're truly inspiring.
    Lisa x