Thursday, March 26, 2015

This and That

I've had many comments from friends and family that my blog has been especially quiet lately. If any of you have been following me on here or FB you will know how I've been struggling with the whole empty-nesting. If you are especially close to me, you know I've been trying to figure out my "place in this world" ...title from Michael W. Smith's Place in This World song which captures what I have been feeling and it still brings tears to my eyes as I listen to the words again.

Also, if you've been following me, you know I chose the word "slow" for my 2015 word. Well, it sure started out slow! I ended up with pneumonia in both lungs, which spread to pleurisy and then spread again to my bronchial tubes. I'm still not at 100%, but doing so much better. I finished breathing treatments last month and still tire easily, but I'm doing so much better.

Now as to what has been going on...I am not a person that likes to sit still and do nothing, but I had to do a lot of that at the beginning of the year and felt that God just wanted me to be still and wait for Him. I have done that and He has brought so much to me! Last year I hosted a couple of wedding showers, plus was blessed to help my son and DIL a lot with their wedding. It is something that I love doing. Then it happened...

This year a classmate of my son's got engaged, then another young gal announced she and her husband were expecting their first child and I told them I would give them a shower...then another engaged....and another expecting...and another....

Now I have 14 showers I am hosting with "rumors" of a couple more that may soon be added to my list. After about the 5th one, my husband said "well, you wondered what you were going to do with your you know". He keeps saying that every time we learn of another engagement or birth to be.

I also made some biscuits for a friend for a shower she hosted for her sister's bridal shower and they have now ordered 300 of them for the wedding as they are serving biscuits and gravy at the wedding (how fun is that!)....again husband says..."well, you wondered what you were going to do....guess it's baking for others".

I am so excited that I get to do things that I absolutely ♥ doing! I have been having a blast and hosted my first shower last Saturday (by the way, I find ladies to help me out with the food and am so thankful for all their help!) and have another shower this Saturday.

I have some friends who asked if I would share those showers here on my blog, so I will be doing that just about each week. I forgot to mention that all those showers mentioned above (and the 300 biscuit order) are all BEFORE August 1st. LOL!!

I was going to share the first shower here, but because my post was so long, I will just post this and then the next post will just be all about the shower.


  1. I look forward to reading about Stacey's.

  2. Debbie,
    As I mentioned in the above comment section, it seems like you are now an official party planner!!! What a fun transition from card making and paper crafts!!! Enjoy the creative process with each party and know that your ideas and execution of them, are truly outstanding. Have fun as you move forward through this new stage in life..Michelle W.